The province with the able leadership of Gov. Adolph Edward G. Plaza, in tandem with the two congresswomen of the two districts, is clearly pursying the path to economic prosperity and harmony. Infrastructure projects as well as enhancements for effective governance and administration are in place through e-governance, transparency and preparation for people's welfare are given more focus and attention.

To cater the growing demand for electric power for the future investors to establish business in the province, an additional capacity of 23 Mega Watts river Mini-Hydro Power Plant is already in the pipeline.

The provincial leadership is inviting investors to develop and discover the Golden Opportunities presented below.

1. Industrial Tree Plantation
> Oil Palm Plantation, Rubber Plantation
> Falcata Plantation
2. Nut Crops Farming
3. Grain Crops Farming
> Rice Production, Corn Production
4. Fruit Crops Farming
> Banana Production
5. Inland Fish Production
6. Livestock and Poultry Production
7. Root Crops Farming
8. Vegetable Farming
9. Cutflowers and Ornamental Production
10. Organic Farming
1. Guano Processing Center
2. Livestock Processing Center
3. Fruit Processing and Trading Center
4. Rice & Corn Marketing & Processing
5. Rubber Processing Plant
6. Kaong Processing and Marketing
7. Banana Processing (Banana Chips Catsup)
8. Daing Processing and Marketing
9. Inland Fish Processing and Marketing
10. Organic Fertilizer Production
11. Calamansi Processing
12. Feed Mill
13. Coco Sugar Processing Center
14. Abaca Trading
15. Sweet Palm Tree Trading
16. Rice Mills
17. Oil Palm Refinery
18. Rubber Cuplumb Trading
19. Wood Processing Plant
20. Livestock auction Market
21. Abaca Handicraft and Cottage Industry
> Coconut by-product processing
22. Meat Processing Plant
23. Farm Level Grains Center
24. Sago Flour Processing
25. Fruit Processing and Marketing
26. Tabliya Processing and Marketing
27. Corn Coffee Processing and Marketing

1. Fine Jewelry
2. Minahan ng Bayan Processing Plant (small scale mining)
3. Furniture and Woodcraft
4. Coal Mining
5. Handicraft
6. Saw Mill and Wood Processing Plant
7. Plywood Processing Plant
8. Amakan Making
9. Limestone Processing and Trading
10. Sago Processing
11. Caolin Clay Processing Plant
12. Ceramics, Pottery, Molding & Concrete Decoration
1. Mini-Hydro Power Generation
2. Telephone & Communication Services
3. TV and Radio Services
4. Malls and Supermarkets
5. Housing and Real Estate Development
6. Colleges and Universities
7. Fuel Station
8. Solar Power Generation
9. Construction Services (Commercial Building)
10. Mass Housing (Low Cost)
11. Health Wellness Services
12. Sports and Recreational Center
13. Physical Fitness Equipment and Facilities
14. Multi-Purpose Dams
15. Construction Services
16. Farm Management Services
17. Call Center Services – Business Market Accessories
18. Consultancy Services
1. Travel and Tours (Tourist Transport Service)
2. Souvenir Shops
3. Tourism Estate Development
4. Agri-Tourism Development
5. Amusement Parks
6. Hot and Cool Spring Development
7. Eco-Tourism Adventure Parks
8. Ecological Park Development
9. Accommodation Facilities (Hotel and Lodging House)
10. Floating Cottages, Restaurants & Convention Center
11. Agusan River Crusing (Operation of Floating Restaurant)
12. Recreational Facilities
13. Water Falls Development (Establishment of amenities and facilities and construction of access roads)
14. Lake Tourism Development
15. Cave Tourism Development
16. Gibong River Tourism Development
17. Wildlife Sanctuary Development
1. Recreational Facilities
2. Integrated PUV Terminal and Commercial Complex
3. Mt. Magdiwata Eco-Tourism Park
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